If you are leaving Glenbard, take these steps to prevent loss of access to Skyward:

  1. Click here to set a password in Skyward. PowerSchool users do not actually have passwords stored anywhere in Skyward. Skyward authenticates against PowerSchool.

    • The link in the password reset email is usable until 11:59 pm on the day it was generated.
    • After setting a Skyward password, you can either use this new password that you've set or your PowerSchool password. Both will work until your PowerSchool is inactivated.
    • If your Glenbard email is already inactivated, you will have to follow step 2 first, and wait for HR to update your email address before you can set a password in Skyward.
  2. Provide a personal email for Skyward that will be used in the future if you need to reset your password. Click on a link below and add your email address before clicking send:

    • Note: You will want to wait and change your Skyward email after all of your Skyward activities are completed. If you are planning to enter time off requests or expense reimbursements or you are an approver of such requests, wait until the end of school to have HR change your email address.
    • Teachers
    • Support Staff
    • Out of District Coaches / Club Sponsors
  3. As long as your personal email is on file in Skyward, you can always reuse the link in step 1 to change your Skyward password if you ever forget it.

Note: If you currently use Skyward and do not have a PowerSchool account, your password will continue to work after leaving Glenbard. You should still confirm that Glenbard has the best email on file for you. It can be found in Employee Access under Employee Information > Personal Information > Employee Info > 1st Email.

Glenbard Township High School District 87
Administrative Center: (630) 469-9100